Those who have practically embarked on a weight loss journey or have struggled controlling weight are better aware of the weight loss and weight management complexities.

While majority would agree that weight management requires more efforts, consistency and patience, others would simply favor the harsh nature of shedding the extra poundage.

Jorge garcinia before and after weight loss

The answer to this comparison lies in the finding of a report which suggests that over 70 percent individuals fail to keep up with their weight loss results.

This is because, not every individual has the courage and patience to commit to fitness for too long.

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Of course, weight management revolves around healthy eating, physical activities and many other good habits that sound quite a challenge for people that live, or are habitual of a carefree lifestyle.

All in all, fitness is about hard labor which most of us cannot imply to.

Celebrities and people from the entertainment world are no exception when it comes to fitness. They too, love to eat and many of them, hate to gym. Hence, we get to see them in different sizes and statues like us.

A celebrity on our radar today is a man we have always seen with a bigger frame.

Interestingly, his fitness story has three facets, from obese to weight loss and then to weight gain, again!


The celebrity we were referring to is none other than, ‘Lost’ fame, Jorge Garcia.

Jorge Garcia

The A-list, television actor, Jorge needs no words of introduction. He is talented with a spellbinding personality. No wonder he has worked hard in the industry and deserves every bit of fame he has today.

Jorge, as most of us know, is tall and large. In fact, we’ve seen him this huge from the very start of his career.

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The Nebraska-native claims to have weight issues even before his first break, however, he weighed a bit lighter prior featuring in ‘lost’.

The actor’s weight was noticeably increased in the series, which was quite a contrary situation. Basically, as per his character in ‘lost’, a reduction in his weight was desperately anticipated by his fans since it was shown to be stranded on some island.

Interestingly, a great fuss was created pertaining to his weight that time.

Even the makers of the show were bombarded with questions to which they expressed their inability to understand why Garcia couldn’t lose.


The six feet chubby actor revealed that he managed to shed 30lbs prior to his appearance in the series.

Jorge GarciaHis aim was to be healthy. He further revealed that he can easily survive without indulging himself and is capable enough to look for his health.

According to him, his fans expecting a transformation, owing to his survival on an isolated island, was very much justified.

He also added how his fans showered their support in favor of his weight loss, with few of them also sending some diet products for the trial.

In an attempt to shrink his waist, he purged off fast foods from his diet. He even quit the consumption of alcohol, but, all in vein as his weight did not respond to any of the changes he made in his lifestyle.

But later, he switched to a different technique that somewhat worked for the 44 years old.

Jorge Garcia weight was reduced to an extent, as he started following a vegan diet.

But despite following it for an extended period of time, Jorge Garcia diet failed to produce him serious results.


Age: 44 years.
Height: 1.83m (6 feet)
Weight before transformation: <400lbs.
Weight loss: 30lbs.

Disappointed Garcia is said to resume to his previous lifestyle and is reported to tip the scale to 400lbs again.

He is no longer following a regime and is back to the consumption of alcohol and unhealthy foods. Of course, this is a serious threat to his health and his loved ones are too concerned for him.

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According to one of his acquaintance, Garcia is a decent guy but nothing works in favor for his weight concerns.

There are some sources indicating towards his planning to go under the knife, but for now, nothing has been explicitly revealed in this regard.


Well, we wonder it’s high time for the Hurley of lost give a serious thought to weight management.

Jorge Garcia Weight loss photos

With growing age, his risks to encounter obesity related complications are also towards the rise.

Perhaps he should seek an expert, or make wise food choices. The best is to workout while following a proper, well-planned diet.

All in all, we wish Jorge Garcia bounce back to his weight related dilemmas more smartly!

Meanwhile, get his latest updates through his Instagram and Twitter account and do not forget to see Jorge Garcia before and after photos!

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